About Me (Us)

Us…because, I’m told…well, it’s not all about me 😉 Although how in the world could I not give credit where credit is due.  Not only would the story be incomplete, but I’m guaranteed a dirty look and a backside from the furry side. 

All kidding aside (well, for just a second) without these guys, I would have never found the passion for shelter dogs and rescue like I have, because without their story there’s nothing to tell.  So let me introduce you:

This is Shelby–She was my first, and she loves to remind me (she may be cute but she “got attitude”).  She was my garage sale baby and continues to be my very “special” grown up.  Sweet, gentle, loving and stubborn is our Shel, and without her the ball would never have begun its continuous journey down an unknown path.  Now that its rolling…

Here’s Goose!-Gustav is our “puppy”.  He was my love at first sight and has overcome more than I can ever even imagine.  A work in progress, but the biggest baby ever, Goosey is crazy, funny, sweet, insane, hyper and my loving shadow – without him my house would not be trashed, but my life would not be complete, which brings  me to…

Daddy-The chapter was temporarily  finalized with the addition of Daddy.  Our senior dog who has also overcome great adversity, has brought us laughter, joy, fun and compassion.  Loyal, stubborn and wise for his age, Daddy is the whole package or what we call him “The Best Dog Ever”!! (7-22-11-RIP my big ‘ol lion, we will see you at the Rainbow Bridge).

They are the one’s behind the stories, I’m just the one behind the words…Mother of two beautiful kids, partner to my soul mate, passionate about many things including dogs, rescue and writing.  I have found my voice through words, and truly love to give them a voice through their stories! Hope you enjoy.


  1. Hi,

    I run a blog: Animal Hoarding News & Info. I will be adding your blog to my “roll”, but I also wanted your permission to re-post the article on Circus. I’ve started a new feature called: From Hoarded to Hope, which shows the remarkable side of these animals. Much like how the Vick dogs were reabilitated, I want to show that with some TLC these animals can become great compainions too.

    Blog link: http://animalhoardinginfo.blogspot.com/
    Link to Hoarded to Hope post: http://animalhoardinginfo.blogspot.com/2012/03/new-feature-from-hoarded-to-hope.html

    I look forward to your response.


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