Saved By Grac(ie)-Allow Her To Grace You With Her Love

Working in rescue is an amazing experience that can touch your life in positive, uplifting ways you never thought possible.  However, there are two sides to rescue and at times so many animals and so many stories of incredible courage, strength and happiness are blurred and pushed to the side due to the overwhelming reasons rescue is necessary in the first place.  Both sides of rescue are what drove me to be a part of it though, I’ve seen it all and still would go back for more because beyond the ugly there are beautiful examples of humanity and love.  The happy endings, even though they may seem scarce, exist more than you can imagine. 

It’s these happy endings that made me believe in the unbelievable, that made me push the horror to back of my head and remember the smiles burnt down to my soul.  Rescue is difficult, yes, but it is worth it.  It wasn’t until just recently that I wavered in my belief and this past weekend was the first time I began to slowly snap out of it.  You see, being involved in rescue, of any type, can give you a superhuman complex and make you feel that you can save them all, that any behavior can be mended if only given the right attention and time, and that anything is possible.  Don’t get me wrong, I truly do believe that still, but it was when my possible situation became impossible and I realized I couldn’t do the fixing, did my world come crashing down. 

My very special fur-friend whom I loved and will always love dearly was among a very small percentage of cast-a-ways that could not be fixed.  I never felt more like a failure than I did when that fact came to realization.  How can I “rescue” when I can’t help my own dog.  Not only did I question myself, I then began to question everything.  Of course words of wisdom rained down on me from all corners…family, vets, behaviorists and my dear rescue friends ensuring me that we did everything we possibly could have done, but I couldn’t hear them.  To me, I failed, I failed my family, I failed in rehabilitation and most of all I failed him. So why in the world would I continue to be involved with something where the endings aren’t always happy.  Well…

By the Grac(ie) of God, my eyes were opened and I began to heal from a loss I never thought I would recover from.  After visiting Gracie at Pawshere this past weekend, I realized I did not fail, I stumbled, and it scarred me, but there are many more who need a chance and it was wholly unfair for me to forget that.  Unknowingly, Gracie Mae reignited that passion and my belief that anything IS possible.  She reminded me that everything happens for a reason and our journey comes with mountains and valleys, and how we handle each of these obstacles is what matters most.  It’s crazy how the eyes of one in need can change so much and the smiles that kept me involved are starting to flood back.  In order to repay Ms. Gracie, I promised to find her a home. 

Gracie came to Pawshere as an owner surrender through no fault of her own and only because of a family situation that could not be avoided.  Gracie is a wonderful girl, sweeter than sweet, who loves people and would be an incredible addition to any family.  The thing is, Gracie NEEDS YOUR HELP.  She is used to a home environment and although we give her as much love as we can, the kennel is hard place for any dog and it’s starting to take its toll.  I  promise if you open your home and your heart, the love you receive will be endless!  Gracie is a beautiful girl who is among hundreds and hundreds of dogs who don’t need to be fixed, they just need to be loved, and she deserves that chance.   Help me write Gracie’s happy ending.

She is a gorgeous, loving girl whose name only gives you a glimpse of her personality, allow her to show you the rest…call us so we can introduce you to my saving Grac(ie). 

Pawshere Foundation, Inc., 219-552-1111/ or find us on Facebook!


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