When One Door Closes 2×2 Opens!

If you haven’t read the story about Lake County Animal Control and the questionable firing of their Community Liaison, Victoria Beasley, you may want to check out the original story a few posts down, titled Lake County Animal Control & Adoption.

If you do know the story, as an animal lover, you know it’s sad, yes, unfair, yes, tainted with ignorance, yes, and it makes your blood boil, absolutely; however, when one door closes…

If you are involved in rescue in our area even a little bit, then you know Victoria as the go-to girl who is determined to save the  weak, the unwanted and the broken.  She tirelessly fights to unite dog and family, and when these dogs wait to be chosen, she gives them hope that not all people are scary and next time they’ll be the one to go home.  She has a huge heart and a relentless ambition to save every last lost soul.  This is why I had no doubt that she would find a place in the rescue world after her release from Lake County.  Not surprising, I was right, with a twist. 

Victoria along with fellow animal lover and advocate, Tara Stanley, decided to take matters into their own hands.  Having witnessed the unfair treatment of animals who may have been the wrong color, had a curable ailment that people didn’t understand, or were victims of a shoddy past that with a little bit of love and care had wonderful potential, Victoria and Tara set out to make a difference. 

So as one door closes 2×2 Rescue Opens! 

Just a few weeks after the disappointing decision of Lake County Animal Control, Victoria and Tara launched 2×2 Rescue in Northwest, Indiana.  By definition, 2×2 is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to saving the often overlooked animals at high kill shelters.  They are a “special needs” rescue with the special needs ranging from physical to mental, and the sizes and types of animals ranging from small to large and from bunny to canine. 

Quickly gaining community support 2×2 Rescue is already on the map and continues to grow on a daily basis.  They now can use all the help they can get.  Interested in getting involved in an incredible cause, pick an avenue because there are many.  For example, spread the word, tell everyone you know about 2×2 Rescue; Foster an animal big or small, this will help pave the way to save one more; Sponsor 2×2, which will allow them to medically treat and feed all who are in need; Donate, monetary or otherwise, it’s always welcome, and of course, there is Adoption. 

For more information on 2×2 Rescue please visit their website at http://2x2rescue.webs.com/ or find them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/2X2Rescue (don’t forget to Like and Share).

 You can make a difference by being a voice for those without.  Help change the perception of the one’s who are different and support this incredible cause by getting involved. 

 (All the pictures in this post are animals being fostered through 2×2 and are available for adoption)

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