Heartbreaking Punishment

I was saddened even more today when I learned that by order of the Director of Lake County Animal Shelter anyone attending a peaceful gathering/protest on Saturday, June 16th in support of reinstating a valued employee will be BANNED from the shelter.  This includes regular volunteers.  Wow, how truly sad.  My heart is breaking just thinking about the four-footed, innocent faces who are being punished.  Aren’t they the meaning behind the shelter, aren’t they the one’s who matter.  Why are they the being punished? 

For two years I’ve spent my weekends walking dogs there.  In that time, my kids played in the cat colony and learned what it meant to give back, my dogs came from there and I learned how much I loved rescue.  That place ultimately changed my life.  Now, because I don’t support a decision, I may not be allowed through the doors again.  It’s like a punch in the stomach because every opinion and every action I take is for the one’s who don’t have a voice or a say.  I expected consequence and repercussion, I’m guilty of supporting the opposite opinion of the one’s in charge, and I knew something like this would happen.  I guess I was just hoping upon hope that they wouldn’t take this route because yes it hurts me, but not as much as it hurts the innocent.

That being said my frustration has turned to sadness as I remember all who touched my life and I’m reminded what this is all about.   Thank you…

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Although these are only a few of the faces, I remember each and every sweetheart I’ve had and hopefully will have the privilege to meet. 



  1. kelly douglas

    Absolutley dumbfounding and incredibly heartbreaking news….I’m at a loss for words.

  2. Jacque

    Sounds like the actions of a BULLY to me. It also makes me wonder what they are hiding.

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