Lack of Common Sense, Who Pays the Price?

Being a right-brainer, business strategy is not exactly my forte, it requires a lot of planning and organization.  Creative thinking and  out of the box ideas, that’s my thing, however common sense even when it comes to business I can even claim to possess.

As stated in my previous posts the unfortunate position was taken by the Director and/or the Sheriff to remove a well respected employee from Lake County Animal Control and Adoption Center.  Because of her popularity among the animal community, it is not surprising that the response against this decision has been hugely negative and I just have to wonder if they are regretting it.  Disheartening as it is, probably not. 

So can someone please tell me what exactly firing a well-respected employee has accomplished?  I mean really, what was the point?  I’m sure there are sides to each of their stories, but when it comes down to it, what does it matter, the firing just didn’t make any sense.  Things were good.  Donations, volunteers, support and funds were coming in more than ever before.  Adoptions were on the rise and Lake County Adoption and Control was finally on the map.  What exactly did removing the one person who made so much of that happen accomplish?  It doesn’t make any sense business or otherwise. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. 

This does however, begs to question who actually pays the price for this action taken.  It’s not the Director, she followed orders, it’s not the Sheriff, his attorney advised him, it’s not the attorney, he probably didn’t even know all the details, and the cycle just goes on and on.  The fact is, even Victoria will come out okay and possibly in a better position because of this, she is an incredible advocate and person with amazing abilities, I’m sure she will not have any problems finding a place where she can utilize her many talents.

All the negative that has come out of Victoria’s termination just doesn’t outweigh the positive.  Oh wait, I still haven’t been advised of the positive, and being as involved as I am and many people are, it’s just so frustrating.  Animal rescue is hard enough as it is, and not many people want this job let alone love this job, why are you going to remove someone who does both?

Any other explanation besides ego does not cut it.  Read the ordinances, she followed them, ask about her history of discipline, other than the last few bogus months there was nothing, and ask for her side of the story, she’s not afraid to tell you, there is nothing to hide.  My opinion is that she could have worn ugly shoes that day and she would have been let go.  The fact is, someone wanted her out but the consequences of that action are now irreversible and who is ultimately paying the price?   I’ll tell you who:

 The employees who watched as their friend was punished for following protocol and then having to stand up for what was right.  The ones who are now attempting to work in an environment that’s in upheaval, faced with the fact that they have to do everything they can to cover the giant hole left behind.  Victoria may have carried only one title and held one position but she wore many hats and never stopped working. These are very large shoes that are difficult to cover let alone fill and these employees are just as innocent.  

 The public.  Victoria was the go-to girl, people listened to her, rescues trusted her and until just recently her subordinates valued her, and all of this was earned over time.  Yes, people are replaceable, but she built a huge network around her and that network is not happy with the decision to remove her.  Business sense alone would tell you that letting her go would be detrimental.

 Sadly though, who are the ultimate victims?

 The animals. The employees left behind to sort out this mess are doing all they can to maintain the level of care and comfort for the animals that they always have, but without the support of the public, the rescues and volunteers it’s almost impossible.  There are many furfriends still there and they are still waiting for families and a home, they are still sleeping in a kennel, they are not politically connected, they do not know why they are there and they are sad.  Sad, because not only is one of their best friends no longer there, the employees who are there and love them just as much have very limited to no time to spend with them.  That’s just not fair. 

 It is so discouraging to continue to hear the stories of how the innocent, two-legged and four-legged, are always the ones to pay for the actions of the senseless.  It is becoming extremely difficult to watch, read about and encounter dishonest, disrespectful and uncaring county employees as they do and say whatever they want without consequence (for example: and then be expected to sit back and do nothing or say nothing as someone who is the opposite of all those qualities, along with all the other innocent are punished (for example: So those who ask why it’s a big deal, that’s why.  These actions may be typical, but they’re not right and not to mention getting old.

 We have stated the facts, we are voicing the need for change and we will continue to fight the good fight.  Some are saying we should give it a rest, but again, that’s typical and then whatever the issue is, will be swept under the table, never to be heard of again.  So sorry, we won’t give it a rest.  Thank you and have a good day 🙂

 I want to leave this life with my name known not because I was rich or famous, but because I stood for something good, fought for those who couldn’t and the sound of my voice continues to ring in the ears of all who listened.—Me, 2012


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