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Eh hem!  Excuse me Lake County as I interrupt today’s politics…. Let me begin by saying how discouraged and sad I am for our county today.

Growing up I was always taught and I always strived to do the right thing.  I will be the first to admit I didn’t always take the right path and I learned early on that doing the right thing was not always easy.  Sometimes I had to choose between what was right with negative consequence or what was against my beliefs and be rewarded.  You hear about people being punished for doing what we have always been taught to be right all the time.  It’s heart wrenching and I ask myself why.  Then I ask myself what our children are learning from us and our society, and that makes me sad and scared for what our children’s idea of right will be in the future.

Even though homeless dogs may not be important to you, they are important to many, and unfortunately the abused, homeless and silent lost their best friend today.  If anyone has ever been to Lake County Animal Control in Crown Point you know Victoria as the one who knew every animal’s name and story and genuinely loved them all.  There was no stronger voice for the furry innocent and sadly, Victoria has been removed from her position.  Even though she followed protocol and saved a starving, neglected family of dogs from a deplorable situation, when politics got involved and ordered her to take them back where they came from, she refused and she was fired.  She was fired for doing the right thing.

Maybe that’s not a big deal to you, but it should be.  What is happening in Animal Control is only a very small example of how this county is run.  I sat long and hard trying to determine how I would tactfully state the facts and express my feelings in this matter, so I thought I’d make fact and opinion very clear.

Animal Control

FACT: I met Victoria 2 years ago when I adopted 1 of the 3 dogs I have adopted from Lake County and she is the reason I began to volunteer and write about my experiences; however, Victoria was not the director of animal control.

FACT:  Victoria was in Schneider and Gary for the hoarding raids, she was the one at the other end of the line when a lost or tossed animal was found, and she was the one who picked up the pieces when someone abused, neglected or abandoned an innocent pet.

OPINION:  I have never met a more dedicated (on the job and off) advocate and voice for animals in need, and anyone who’s ever been to the shelter knows her and her dedication so much that they may have even thought she was in charge; however I’d love to hear if anyone does know who the director is….anyone?

FACT:  Victoria removed a family of pitbulls with no food or water and tied to a tree after giving the owner adequate time to rectify the situation.

FACT:  Victoria was fired after she refused to take the neglected dogs BACK to the place she took them from and was given no written reason why.  In the long run, the Director took the dogs BACK to the disgusting situation and many questions remain as to why.

OPINION:  Victoria saved those dogs and possibly on her own time, because Victoria worked (although she wouldn’t call it that) even when she was technically off the clock doing what she believed was right EVERY day.

FACT:  Victoria ran the Lake County Animal Control’s Facebook page and has promoted and expanded their reach and ability to find new, good homes for hundreds of animals.  With over 8,000 friends and connections the possibilities of finding families for the furfriends in need was enormous.

FACT:  Any animal brought to Lake County from here on out will suffer because their best friend and the one who fought the endless fight for them is now senselessly removed from a position where she could make a difference.

OPINION:  Heartbreaking and I have to wonder why?

Lake County

FACT: I have only lived in this county for 24 years and really have only been old enough to understand county politics for roughly 10.  Also FACT, in that time more than five of our county politicians or seat holders have either been investigated, indicted or found guilty of corruption, coercion or mishandling funds.  In fact the FBI was in the building this week.

OPINION:  That’s A LOT.  Also FACT, those funds along with their salaries came from my paycheck and possibly yours.

FACT:  A Sheriff Deputy accused of domestic violence was not removed from his position or suspended with pay for that matter; however, he was placed on desk duty, and from what I read at Animal Control.

OPINION:  Very interesting.

FACT: The Jail Warden shows up to a hit and run accident involving one of his fellow corrections officer, intoxicated in a county vehicle and he is not arrested.

OPINION:  Speechless…and Victoria is removed for not taking innocent animals back to a horrible situation?

OPINION: I believe there are many, good, qualified residents of Lake County and I’d really like to see them in our county government.

FACT:  We did have a good one, who was dedicated to her job every day for little pay and political bosses just trying to do the right thing and they fired her.

OPINION:  Typical Lake County.

Lake County Animal Control has only recently been in the spotlight and recognized in the public eye.  This tells me it probably wasn’t on the county’s five most important departments.  If that’s the case, why are the politics of our government trickling down and enormously effecting all the good they have done and would still be doing.  Why is it again that we are allowing people’s power and opinion to hurt so many innocent victims.  My opinion?  Victoria was extremely well known and respected in the animal world in this county and beyond and still is, the Director not so much.  Maybe this became a problem and a family of pitbulls became the solution.

The community supports Victoria and is tired of politics playing any part in helping animals in need. There is no reason for it.  Do you support doing the right thing, compassion, justice and fairness?  If so join us at 9:00 a.m. this Saturday, June 9th, as advocates, rescuers and friends will be showing how much doing the right thing DOES MATTER by having a peaceful gathering at the 1st Annual Animal Adoption Center and Control 10K Bike Ride at Oak Ridge Prairie in Griffith, IN.

Let’s help give a voice to those who have never had one and to those who have been stripped of theirs.



  1. Wendy Wolcott

    Very well said. Thank you for seeing the good that Victoria has done for LCAC and ALL the animals that she has come in contact with. I do not know another human as willing to go out of her way to help a defenseless animal. Wishing I could join you in this protest, i just had surgery a few weeks ago and cannot attend. Please raise a sign high with my name on it WENDY WOLCOTT Foster parent and fellow animal lover. Who found homes for at least 10-15 dogs from LCAC. The most recent being Chili from the Chesterton hording situation. It breaks my heart to hear the animals will suffer because politics are yet again involved.

  2. Della

    I would ask your local tv news to report on this and have kids, family/friends/everyone petition the mayor and ask for Victorias recall

  3. Jessie Mullen

    Well-written! I am deeply saddened by this turn of events at LCAC and will be there tomorrow to support Victoria and the animals that so desperately need her! And for the record, up until now, I thought she was the Director of LCAC. Still don’t know who it is and frankly, could care less! For what they did to that family of dogs — SHAME ON YOU!

  4. holly

    thank you for this! Victoria is one of the five in my network of working with rescues:) she is an amazing person! any time politics are involved nast things seem to happen! It always amazes me that they tend to screw up things than make them better. STAY OUT OF THE ANIMAL RESCUE AND WELFARE WORLD!

  5. I cannot believe this! Victoria has been a huge asset to LCAC! She loves and cares for all the animals in a way that not many could or would!! This is a devastating loss for the LCAC and for all the animals!! I sure hope this can be reversed somehow!!!

  6. Joyce Jamrose

    This is just oh so wrong – but it’s politics at it’s finest. I’m so proud that Victoria stood her ground and refused to take the dogs back. Yes it cost her her job and that speaks volumes about her character and dedication to the welfare of the animals.

  7. golden rule…. thank you…. victoria.. thank you.. your such a wonderful person to do what you do..

  8. Bonnie McCormick

    Well said about the state of corruption in Lake County, second to only the City of Chicago. I slowly see the tides turning but it will take a massive effort to get many more people on board and stop all the nimrods who keep voting in the same idiots. I truly believe that with enough publicity and press, LCAC will reverse their decision and will reinstate a dedicated employee like Victoria.

  9. Julie Rizzo

    One good thing about this is that Victoria will not be controlled by others now. In my opinion, her abilities can be utilized on a much greater scale. As they say…when one door closes….another door opens and I believe this will enable her to reach higher goals. She is an amazing person and will continue to change the world for many. Stay strong Victoria!

  10. Todd A. Vincent

    Victoria Beasley is WONDERFUL!!! She is the reason my family fosters there, and have helped find 8 fur babies families. The fact that she was let go, does change my decision to drive from Crete to Crown Point when there are shelters closer. Sometimes a beacon of light can shine through the fog bringing with it hope… Where ever Victoria finds herself, the beacon shall blaze for all friends to the animals to know they have once again found a place of hope.. As for LCAC… Without such a stout, determined, inspirational leader a time of darkness is sure to ascend. I hope for the animals, and only for the animals, that the mission for the animals goes on. But if they care half as much for the animals as they do for the truly dedicated employees, I would not be surprised if it stops being a no kill shelter. Good luck LCAC you will need it. Good Luck Victoria, you have many friends who shall ALL stand behind you, as most of us truly are not worthy to stand beside you!

  11. Edith Robinson

    I have not met Victoria but from what I have read she is a wonderful and dedicated person to the animals! Please carry a sign for me as well Edith Robinson, as I have to work and will not be able to attend. Believe me I would be there, as a pit owner I am more then angry at the director for putting these dogs back in a situation they do not need to be in! Pits have a bad rap and she just put more back on the streets! All the animals are important and should be saved from a life or death situation. Come on, wake up people and politicians, these animals can not speak for themselves, they rely on us! Is this what you want to teach the kids growing up, that it is ok to not help an animal or person in need? That you are punished for doing the right thing? Will LCAC now become a kill shelter again? Put Victoria back where she belongs and get rid of the Director! Leave Victoria alone, let her and Tara do their jobs, not because they have to but because they enjoy it! Not many people can say they love going to work, let them say they love their job again!

  12. Dawn

    Since the FBI has such an interest in the corruption in Lake County government it can add Victoria’s dismissal to its investigation. Where county corruption might interfere with state animal rights laws being enforced by county prosecutors, the USDA has its own animal rights laws. This was how the FBI could snag Michael Vick and the returning the Pits to deplorable conditions broke USDA–federal law! Victoria was acting as a whistleblower. There are federal laws to protect her from the retaliation she experienced.

  13. Dawn

    One more comment… I am actually in NY so this situation is new to me. However, federal law covers all 50 states! It’s a suggestion that Victoria or 1 of her supporters file a formal complaint with the nearest FBI office rather than to just hope they might stumble upon the story of how she was dismissed. They’ll be pretty busy investigating the records already seized from Lake County government & may not be reading every news story or editorial released about someone dismissed from working in Animal Control. In short, don’t assume they knew what happened to Victoria. Make the FBI aware.

  14. Dawn

    Actually…I have yet another comment: Federal court orders supersede state interference because of “selective” county prosection. Dogs returned to a dangerous situation need a court order to be seized. The FBI might not try for a federal seizure of the dogs unless you make them aware of its necessity. Call them!


    give her , her job back assholes she is the only one who cares
    politicians just make me sick

  16. Alison

    I am really sorry this nice person fell victim to politics. I know that she probably helped fix up the stray cat I brought in and later adopted. I hope the situation is rectified soon. If not, I am sure that Victoria will have many opputunities available to her in the nonprofit sector with her wealth of not only knowledge and experience, but also dedication and love for animals. Really, through all of this, it is only the county’s loss-
    and the animals’ loss as well.


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