(The) Circus is in Town…and Available for Adoption!!

Circus is her name and a circus is exactly where she was rescued from.  Circus a/k/a Flora (which is enormously fitting) is one of 104 dogs taken from a home in Chesterton, Indiana.  The story is rather unreal, just as Schneider; however, even though these dogs were in a terrible situation, they seem to be adapting to human contact quicker than the Schneider dogs.  If you are unfamiliar with the Chesterton story, you can find it here.

Circus is staying with a wonderful foster family right now.  They are helping her make incredible strides toward becoming a well-rounded new best friend.  See, when Circus first arrived at the shelter, she was terrified of just about everything.  She refused to come out of her kennel and when she finally did she had no idea what it meant to be on a leash.  Her foster mom, Denise, took Circus home in an attempt to bring out her personality giving Circus a chance to become the dog Denise obviously saw she could be.  (Just a side note, for anyone who fosters, I give you HUGE props, Thank You!) 

The first day Circus was home with Denise she would not make eye contact and hid in the back of her crate.  It took 3 people to get her out and when they did, Circus would bolt and for 45 lbs could hide in the smallest of places.    However, day 2 she took treats from Denise’s hand and made eye contact, and day 3 Circus walked out of her crate on her own and wagged her tail for the first time.  From day 3 on Circus has made great progress, and now, on day 8 she’s warmed up to the family, understands and responds to basic commands, loves to take walks, sleeps soundly with the other resident dogs and if you can believe it, DANCES.  Yes, Circus can dance according to Denise its somewhere in the realm of “jello jiggling” 🙂  If you ask me dancing is just another sign of happiness and apparently Ms. Circus is quite happy. 

 Ironically, Flora was another name given to Circus and as you can see in the last week, she is definitely blooming into a wonderful, sweet, loving little girl.  Make Circus part of your family!! She is available for adoption through Lake County Animal Adoption and Control, their number is 219-769-0716. 


P.S. If you were wondering where I got 104 dogs you can read the rest here (and also know only 80 plus a few were able to be saved).

Adopt, Adopt, Adopt, or if you can do it without have a house full, Foster, Foster, Foster!!!



  1. This is all very coincidental. Happy Jack was also fostered by a wonderful girl named Denise. 😉

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