Happy Monday!! I know in my last post, I indicated that I would be writing about Circus (Flora) and still have every intention to put her in the spotlight as she deserves.  What I can say is that she is making tremendous progress in her foster home and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.  However, I’m delaying that post only by a day because there was a Hattie sighting this past week.  Sweet Hattie has been missing for many months and although at first she was spotted at least a few times a week, it has been quite a while since her last appearance, which makes this sighting a pretty big deal. Although every situation where there is a dog missing it is extremely important to get the word out, I am emphasizing Hattie as she belongs in these specific posts.  Just like Max, Hattie is special. 

Hattie along with the 16 others who came from Schneider were the most unsocialized dogs you would ever meet.  They cowered, their tails were always tucked between their legs, and the idea of human contact was just unheard of.  To take in any of these dogs was a challenge and a commitment that is hard to really explain unless you truly understand what being unsocialized means.  First, it means they are terrified of everything outside of the disgusting place they came from, second they don’t know people, which means they don’t know scratching behind the ears, belly rubs, toys, playing, walks or cuddles so they don’t trust any attempt of any of it, and lastly they are runners!

For any of these dogs to be lucky enough to find a loving, patient home was exactly that – luck.  For Hattie, she fell into a pot of liver treats wrapped in bacon, but unfortunately she just didn’t quite understand that before she ran away.  Laura, Hattie’s mom is one of the biggest hearted people I have ever met and to this day has not given up on Hattie.  Laura is a dog rescuer by all definitions, but her self-description would be more like dog lover.  Driving many miles for her first special furkid and saving a second from neglect, it was no surprise when she wanted to take on Hattie.  Laura loved her from go and after bringing the new addition home she fit her into a pink collar and started attempts to help Hattie realize she was in a safe place.  It wasn’t very long after Hattie came home though that she found an opportunity to bolt and she has been on the run since.

Hattie was last spotted in Highland, Indiana around Grace and Franklin.  She is a black and white border collie as you can see from the pictures here.  She has been staying in this Highland area because it’s believed to be the area she is most familiar.  If you are in Highland, Indiana and you see Hattie please do not try to catch her, she is very scared and will run, we ask that you call Laura at 219-228-0144.

LET’S HELP LAURA BRING HATTIE HOME she has a new brother to meet – Steven, a big ol sweet mastiff and yet another abandoned darling Laura is now “fostering” :). 

Hattie is very missed and very loved and the faith and hope that she will one day return has not been lost. Thank you for reading and remember, adopt a shelter dog, it’ll change your life!



  1. brandy

    there is a dog similar to hatties coloring that is missing in highland griffith area.. people could be confusing the two OR both are in area… Noel, was hit by a car 3/16/12 on 45th just past Burr St. in Calumet Township. The person that hit her did stop, he said she got up and took off running. Sadly, she has not been found. they have contacted Lake County and Griffith PD..nothing. At this time, we don’t even know if she’s still alive or what kind of damage was caused when she was hit by the car.
    She is American Pit Bull Terrier, all black with a white around her neck, about 45lbs. She is a small dog. If you see her, please contact me asap. Karen Ann Mucha-219- 484-3800. She is part of my family and my heart is been broke in a million pieces. pictures are on my facebook page.!/profile.php?id=1013168226

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