From Schneider to Home – Max’s Story

This is the first entry of follow-up tails I am attempting to put together about the furry victims of the hoarding situations that have plagued the Region over the last few years.  These entries are about the dogs who faced starvation, usocialization, neglect and confusion, and their unbelievable transformations as a result of being saved, loved and part of a family.  Stayed tuned because there are many happy tails, and even a few furballs who still need permanent homes, but to kick it off, I begin with Max.

Every time I hear the story of Max I have to remind myself that’s it’s actually true.  “Magnificent” Max is, I believe, a more appropriate name and let me tell you why.  Max came from the Schneider raid which, if you are not familiar with, you can find here:

Now, Max was described by his previous owner as “autistic” and what exactly she meant by that we will never understand.  Unless, however, she meant brave, loyal, loving and an incredible little brother, because if that was the case she nailed it, and that is exactly how his new owner would portray him. 

Max’s new owner is one you can only call dedicated – most of us in the area dog world know her as Victoria, Max knows her as mom and the one who searched 12 days for him and gave him a family of dogs and people.  Being from Schneider, Max was extremely unsocialized and what we call a flight risk because of his fear of human contact.  Due to this fear within the first couple days he was home, Max took off and was out on the lam for 12 long days. Via a live trap and after he had killed a few birds and…here’s the unreal part… what his family believes to have looked like a hyena, Max did return home.  Yep, Magnificent Max like I said.  He survived Scheider, he survived being on the run and now he’s no longer surviving he’s thriving.  Adopting Max was a commitment to be patient, but the gift of happiness that he has brought to his new family is something that cannot be denied. 

Max is only one of the stories that came from Schneider and is only one example of how a little love, a lot of patience and an open mind can transform even the most traumatized into the most Magnificent. 

Make a difference, think adoption and be rewarded in ways you never thought imaginable.

(This is Circus (Flora) the subject of my next tail who is on foster but up for adoption through Lake County Animal Control and Adoption in Crown Point, Indiana)



  1. What a story! I’d not heard of that one but I know over the past couple of years in this area a number of animals have been found abandoned in foreclosed homes. I understand and have compassion for people falling on hard times but I will never understand this treatment of trusting animals.

  2. Magnificent Max looks so much like my Happy Jack (also a rescue). I’m so happy for him and his family.

  3. Here is a photo of Happy Jack. 🙂


  4. He does look like Max! What a darling 🙂 Thank you for adopting and Happy Jack’s name fits him perfect, he’s a very lucky pooch!


  1. Lake County Animal Control & Adoption « Tails From The Fur

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