Home for the Holidays

As the holidays approach its difficult not to think of our families, either in anxious anticipation of chaos and crazy, or looking forward to the few-times-a-year fun and laughter that seems to fill every corner of the house.  Personally for me, the constant running and planning is dreadful, but the fun and the laughter always make up for it tenfold.  Holidays should be full of family and cheer, they should emit love and smiles and bring people closer together.  My hope for all my family and friends this year is exactly that, and I mean ALL of my friends and family, including the four-legged ones.

From the employees/volunteers who go in every single morning with little to no appreciation and give a voice to the innocent I wish you lots of happiness and, to the orphans, castouts, runaways and all in between I wish each and every one a family who understands you deserve to know what it means to be loved.  And to all who have room in their home and in their hearts with love to spare, what better way to celebrate the joy, the kindness and the meaning of the season than to bring one or even two or three of my sweet friends Home for the Holidays.

And may I suggest a few…

This is Taft one of my best friends up at LCAC.  Poor Taft was found standing in the middle of Indiana 55 (a/k/a Taft) with no tags, or clues as to where he came from.  Taft is a young, smart, sweet boy who is just waiting for you to visit so he can show you his winning smile.

Next meet Old Man Bear (“Bear Bear”).  Love this guy and his story just makes it hard not to admire his strength and courage.  Found roaming a subdivision in horrible condition, unfed, scared, confused and abandoned, Bear Bear has fought his way back from certain death to become a sweet, beautiful Shepard who can’t wait to find a family who truly loves him once again…and

Last but certainly not least this is Matlida.  Matilda was rescued from a hoarder and has made great leaps and bounds in recovering from her past surroundings.  Isn’t she beautiful?  Come visit and ask to see Matilda, you will not be disappointed.

Don’t be shy, come and visit, your new family member is waiting, and believe me when I tell you there is no better gift than the love of a child (this includes the furry kind)!!

Happy Holidays!!

WRITE, CALL OR STOP ON BY!! Your new friends are waiting for you!! (Lake County Animal Shelter, 3011 W. 93rd Avenue, Crown Point, IN  46307; 219/769-7016; lakecountyanimalcontrol@hotmail.com or check out the adoptable pets here: http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/IN218.html 


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