Burning leaves, changing colors, Chicago marathon, long sleeve shirts, football, Halloween and breast cancer awareness are only a few of the reasons and causes that make October such a great month.  These along with my son’s birthday can make it easy to overlook yet another event very close to my heart…October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month!!

Although I believe cancer awareness and adopting from the shelter should be recognized EVERY month, and my son believes his birthday should be recognized every DAY, a designated month for our friends living in the shelter is a great way to give a voice to those without one. 

Every cause needs that voice and I’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to some of the loudest,  speaking on behalf of our furry friends.  The least I can do is cheer them on with a few reasons to celebrate and give back to the forgotten, the lost and the lonely this October (and hopefully all year round): 

Why you should adopt (or give back to) a shelter dog?

#1 Opening up your heart for one who has never known love will brighten your soul, lift your spirits and possibly change your life;

#2 Shelter dogs are the best dogs;

#3 Little things to you are BIG things to them, i.e. donating old towels, blankets, toys, litter, food, TIME;

#4 Shelter dogs are the best dogs;

#5 What better way to enjoy the abnormally warm, sunny weather than to take a new family member for a walk on the new bike trail that has been completed all over Lake County;

#6 Walking into a shelter where the lost are found, the starved are fed, the neglected are cared for and the unwanted are loved like never before, will stay with you always, and you WILL want to help;

#7 A gentle hand, study roof, bowl of food and a tennis ball will bring you a treasure of love, loyalty and companionship immeasurable on paper;

#8 Who can resist doggie hugs and kisses?

#9 Evelyn, Gustav, Daddy, Bernard, Murphy, Max, Bonnie, Hattie, Speedy, Stella, Teddy Blue, Taft, Nigel, Luke, Mek, Flower…only to name a few; and

#10 Again, I’m not lying, shelter dogs are the best dogs 🙂

In closing, let’s celebrate our furfriends this month and every month, ADOPT A SHELTER DOG…or reach out and give back, they are the innocent, give them a voice and they will give you eternal love.

“Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life.”- Dalai Lama

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