Beautiful, Sweet and Holds No Grudge…

I have seen, walked and played with very sweet dogs while at the shelter, but this girl takes the cake.  Meet Speedy, my dog of the week!!  What a doll, and as loving and gentle as she is, you would never know her family abandoned her.  Actually, her family split up, and out of several pets, she paid the price and was left behind.  After meeting her I just keep asking myself the same question….how do you choose?

As difficult as it is for me to understand the thought process, what is even more baffling, yet heartwarming, is that Speedy could hold a grudge, but she doesn’t.  She isn’t angry, she gives endless kisses, she isn’t stubborn, she sits so pretty and looks at you with the softest eyes.  In addition to her kind spirit, she doesn’t feel sorry for herself, she is happy to play, to walk and to be loved by anyone and everyone.  She doesn’t ask for anything special, just a little time.

Speedy is an example of the qualities I wish more people had…loving, sweet, gentle, forgiving and not a martyr.  Pretty amazingly, on top of everything else, Speedy portrays all of these things and more on 3 legs.  After getting hit by a car at a very young age (she is about 3 now), she has not only learned to adjust, but has mastered it.  Slowing down is not an option with the greyhound mentality and along the way she has kept such a beautiful attitude. 

Come see Speedy, she will melt your heart and warm your soul.  Not only will she make a fantastic family member, but a great friend who even in the darkest moments can bring sunshine with a big kiss to the chin!





If you’d like to check out, Speedy and our furry crew, stop on by Lake County Animal Shelter, 3011 W. 93rd Avenue, Crown Point, IN  46307; 219/769-7016; or check out the adoptable pets here:


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  1. As difficult as it is for me to understand the thought process .what is even more baffling yet heartwarming is that Speedy could.hold a grudge but she doesnt. Speedy is an example of the qualities I wish more people.had.loving sweet gentle forgiving and not a martyr.

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