Guardian Angels

When I think of guardian angels, I think of  loved ones who have passed.  I think how now they watch over me and guide me from trouble when they can, and love me from afar.  When I think of guardian angels it never occurred to me to look around.  It never occurred because they walk in silence among us and don’t care be recognized.  They are humble, huge hearted and stronger than any speeding train.  You may know one, open your eyes, because we call them soldiers, officers, teachers, counselors, rescuers and shelter workers.  The protectors of the innocent. 

 I don’t know how.  How they do it day in and day out, how they overcome each heartbreak, every let down, all of the relentless disappointments and the punches to the gut that seem unrecoverable, and then get up each and every morning to do it again.  I applaud you and I apologize to you.  These challenges only exist because of ignorance of the human race and there will never be enough words that show the appreciation you deserve.  Thank you.  Thank you for picking up our messes, thank you for caring for those who cannot care for themselves, thank you taking on more than most could ever imagine and thank you for giving a voice to the ones who have none.

Guardian Angels, Protectors of the Innocent, thank them and do your part, don’t be ignorant. Clean up your own mess so they don’t have to, it’s hard enough as it is.



  1. This is exactly how I feel! Amazing people with amazing energy and hearts! May their lives and those lives they touch be filled with blessings!

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