How Do You Say Goodbye….

After an exciting middle of the week, this weekend started off in a difficult way and we had to make a decision that no pet owner ever wants to make…

This Friday we had to say goodbye to our big ‘ol lion, Daddy.

Being somewhat naïve, I thought I was prepared, knowing that Daddy was sick, but I quickly learned that you can never be prepared for the hole in your heart that hurts terribly, or prepared to cry out of nowhere, or even be prepared to understand how the rest of the human and dog family will react.  Prepared?  Not a chance, but I did know one thing, even though it sucked bad, it was the right decision. 

When he came to us only nine short months ago, skinny, weak and hairless, we had no idea he would blossom into such a strong, furry, balanced, funny, sweet, and mischievous buddy to all, owned by none, lion with vanilla feet.  There was nobody Daddy didn’t love (especially the ladies) and nobody who didn’t love him, no command he would listen to (unless there was treats), no kisses he would give (unless accidental) but he would hold your hand, just so you knew he was there.  Daddy was talented in ways you could only appreciate living with him.  He was the “coolest” dog who laid by the fireplace, master at popping tennis balls, best grill pee(er) ever, a magician with a bbq chip bag, [opening the bag carefully at both ends with such pristine accuracy where we questioned if it was actually done by a dog (it was him)], lover of the orange kong ball and belly rubs, could hear the food cabinet (or the fridge) open from anywhere in the house and would accompany me at the computer every day, no matter what time of night or how he was feeling.

He was stubborn, entertaining and our best friend even after such a short period, so how do you say goodbye?  Honestly, I don’t know and maybe I never will, because there will never be another Daddy.  I know in my heart the time he was with us, he was happy, was spoiled rotten, loved unconditionally, loved us and also told us when it was time, and after all the joy he brought our family, how could we not listen?

 I don’t believe anything can make that decision easier, but by listening to what he was trying to tell us, confirmed our choice to be the right one.  There comes a point where you have to put your feelings to the side and draw the line between selfishness and love.  Yes, we wanted more time, but no, we couldn’t put him through any more.  As painful as it was for us, he deserved to go in peace. 

People have already asked me if I would adopt an older dog again and to answer I will quote my son “H to the Y”!   Absolutely.  I have no regrets.  The happiness Daddy brought into our lives could never be replaced and knowing that the last months of his life were spent in love, is all it takes for me.  Every dog deserves a chance to be a part of a real family, and no dog should live out their life without one. 

 He will be missed by all who loved him, which were many, and he will always be our Daddy, our big ‘ol lion —The Best Dog Ever!



  1. Tracey

    oh Lisa i am so sorry to hear that. My thoughts are with you!

  2. im soooo sorry its sad to say good -bye to one you love…………………. my hearts with you and know your friend is at peace and at rest……

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts and words.

  3. You really hit the nail on the head with your story. I’m so sorry for your loss. And, your story brought me to tears but also brought me comfort. It is never easy, you are never prepared, and you are most absolutely right, you made the most difficult and right decision a pet owner has to make. But, that is what a responsible pet owner does. I would tell you to cherish the memories, but, I already know you will.

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts and words

  4. What a wonderful story you shared. It’s very hard, but like you wrote you both knew. God bless you all for giving Daddy a great home…

    • Thank you all for your wonderful thoughts and words.

  5. amber

    This dog looks so much like my dogs dad..he was a stray who would sit in front of our church..such a mellow good dog!! Then one day animal control took him away 😦 happened that a neighbors dog got pregnant by him and I got one of the pups..this was 8 years ago. Might not be the same dog but sure looks like it. Thanks for sharing this touched my heart and my heart goes out to you!

  6. He came from a bad situation, I don’t know if he was the same one, but thank you so much for your toughts.

  7. Kris White

    My sister shared this on an FB post…like another comment posted above, your pooch also reminds me of my sister’s dog, Vladmir. He was adopted at a shelter, and was estimated to be 12 years old. My sister had “Vlad” for not quite two years. He was the quietest, most happy and loving dog. I really DO think that our four-footed are the most grateful to us-knowing that they had a wonderful-even if short time-time with us. You are an absolutely wonderful person for taking in a senior pet-This is something that I couldn’t do myself! ❤

  8. Thank you for your very sweet words, its funny as hard as it is I wouldn’t change a thing, loving the four-legged no matter what the age is a special quality that you should never sell yourself short on, thank you.

  9. This is why I love you. Tyb–you gave Daddy such a fitting tribute. I miss him so much.

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