Super Excited for My Furfriends!!

I love my family, I love my dogs (who are my family), I love my town and I love giving a voice to those who don’t have one, which is why I am SUPER excited!  I am happy to report that this blog has now expanded to and can be read in my local online newspaper.  They are giving me an opportunity to share my Tails with a wider audience! 

I will, of course, be posting here as I always do but the entires can now also be read at the above link.  It’s my hope to give the shelter, my furfriends and the community a voice when it comes to adoption, training, tips, and fun, inspiring stories. 

So stay tuned either here or at Crown Point Community for information and updates on Tails from the Fur.  Thank you to all who read and a huge thanks to all who adopt, rescue, inform and love the innocent family members we call our best friends!! 




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    2. Crown Point at the Reserve Danbury Apartments – Whiteco Residential | You Love Coffee

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