November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month

This is a subject extremely close to my heart and one that I believe is full of misconceptions.  Statistically, most people when they come to a shelter to adopt are looking for puppies or “younger” dogs.  I truly understand this and I would never begrudge anyone for adopting.  However, what some may forget is that the older dogs can be the best dogs. 

Unfortunately,senior dogs get passed over time and time again for many reasons, of course the biggest being their “age”, for fear they won’t be around for very long, or medical issues that they already may have.   This hurts my heart because I know first hand what people are missing.  After adopting our senior, Daddy, the various reasons not to adopt older will never again enter our thoughts, because there will never be a substitution for the joy, laughter and loyalty he brought us in such a short time.

Daddy became the star in a spotlight among the younger and more energetic “teenage dogs” in our house and we couldn’t have loved him more. The funny thing is, if it wasn’t for the ultimate description shared with us by Daddy’s biggest fan (that he was the coolest dog ever, and if we had a fireplace, which we do, he’d just lay right in front of it), we may have been lumped into that original statistic of people who wouldn’t adopt a senior.  Luckily we listened, and are forever grateful.  Now, it’s only appropriate to spread the word (LOUDLY) that our sweet seniors just don’t get enough love, and its time to give them the attention they truly deserve!


-If you have a fireplace, (or comfortable bed), couch or chair they will lounge by it or, of course, on it…

They no longer have the “puppy crazies” and tear through the house knocking down and destroying anything in their path…

– Potty trained (enough said)…


They are truly unselfish company, when they do lay next to you, it’s not to play ball or hog the attention, it’s because they just want to lay next to you…

 -They are wise, and have experienced things you probably would never want to know about, and evil from people you never thought possible, yet they will still wait for you by the door, wag their tail upon your arrival and nudge you for a pat on the head…and

– Last but absolutely not least is that they are loyal beyond words.  The love they share with you is a mixture of pure joy for being in a home and sincere gratefulness for giving them a chance, possibly their last chance…

So when you are looking for your next family member at the shelter, don’t pass the seniors by just because you think they’re too old, don’t miss out on the kind of love, joy, laughter and happiness they bring.   Just remember, behind the gray fur, droopy eyes and slower steps are pure hearts and a treasure that cannot be measured in gold.

Come visit us at PAWSHERE, 22916 Harrison, Lowell, Indiana, or call us at 219-552-1111 and we can introduce you to some wonderful seniors who are waiting for a lap to lay their heads and home to live out their lives, with people who will love them as much as they’d love you! 

Also, Find us on Facebook at!/PawshereFoundation?fref=ts or at our website



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