The Best Reaction is Positive Action…Adopt a Schneider Dog!

Living in such a melting pot and diverse population that consists of good community, crazy weather, controversy and political ups and downs, Lake County, Indiana brings stories that can enlighten, encourage, enrage and bring tears to your eyes.  All in one place, you can find a wide range of opinions, views and unthinkable tales, but there are some stories that stick with you, even after the next big front page comes down the pipe.

Many remember the story that came out not long ago about the woman whose home was so dilapidated and filled with dogs (dead and alive) and dog feces that she took refuge in her car.  If you are not familiar you can find the story here:

It is a sad tale that one can’t even imagine, and it can enrage the animal lover inside even the hardest of hearts.  Yes, there is probably some mental illness and she possibly thought she was helping, but there is only so much you can handle before you say to yourself, “Really?” The most difficult part of the story however, are the dogs that remained and still remain.  There were 17 and they were the most frightened sweethearts you could ever imagine.  They had no real human contact and the slightest advancement made them cower or run. 

After spending months with LCAC they are making incredible progress, although sadly some have not made it to see summer.  Health issues caused them to pass but they will be remembered forever.  The few that have been adopted are doing wonderful with the help of kind, loving foster parents and adopting families.  There are, at my last count which could be off, 6 or 7 Schneider babies left at the shelter.

The lady who left these poor, innocent sweethearts behind has a court hearing tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. which will probably result in slim to no punishment, but we can’t focus on that, we have possible family members to think about.  If you are outraged, horrified or saddened by this story, the best recourse would be to give these guys a place to call their own.  Adopt or sponsor a Schneider dog, and give them the second chance they so much deserve.



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