Sweet Gracie

What can I say about sweet Gracie, other than her name fits her perfect!  Such a gentle, loving and “sweet” baby, and when you meet her you fall in love, especially after you hear her story.  Ms. Gracie was spotted at the corner of an intersection, sitting, waiting and the next day, when she was finally picked up, there she was in the same spot, waiting…wonder what she was waiting for?  Maybe she was lost, and was trying to figure out the way home, maybe she liked to watch the cars go by, or maybe, just maybe, she was waiting for the beloved family that DUMPED her there.

I try not to think about the latter because I just don’t know how ANYONE could abandon this little darling.  I mean look at her face, irresistible.  On the smaller side, she has the greyhound brindle (I call it reverse brindle, cause its light with dark markings), with a possible mix of whippet, she was so happy to walk, and just wanted to be loved.  We spent a lot of time just hangin out, and you must have seen on my face when we got back that she stole my heart because it was slyly suggested that I take her home 🙂 If only I didn’t have a couple of crazies 😉 

Crown Point has lots of stuff going on this weekend, like the Car Cruise, and the Baseball bash, while you’re in town, come visit Gracie and prove to her that not all people leave!!

WRITE, CALL OR STOP ON BY!! Your new friends are waiting for you!! (Lake County Animal Shelter, 3011 W. 93rd Avenue, Crown Point, IN  46307; 219/769-7016; lakecountyanimalcontrol@hotmail.com or check out the adoptable pets here: http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/IN218.htm


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