Little Hands, Ginormous Hearts and Big ‘ol Buckley

I am so proud of my kids.  I love when they come with me to visit the shelter because I truly believe it’s good for the dogs, and it’s good for them.  They love their furry friends, and hopefully they learn to give without having to receive anything but licks and paws.  I do, however, give them a choice.  Incredibly, but not surprising, every single time I ask they jump up and down and can’t wait to get out the door, no matter how cold, how hot or what they have planned in their little minds for the day. 

I may have stated this previously, but at some point, I came to the realization that the every weekend experience of unconditional love, selflessness and pure joy from my kids’ faces and the dogs’ relentlessly wagging tales is the reason I enjoy going so much.  Some people may call it volunteering, but honestly, I call it my therapy.  After being around high maintenance, impatient, selfish, disrespectful, uncaring, judgmental and just plain rude people during the week, I regain hope when I walk through the shelter doors.  From the workers, volunteers and my kids, to the dogs, the cats and even the inmates all doing good, ironically, I can’t help but feel better.  

With this feeling also comes the understanding of why this society and some people are the reason I want to work with dogs.  At least the four-legged truly appreciate the time, effort and love you give them.

To explain, sadly, Buckley is just a small example of why my trust in the human race has depleted over time.  Poor, sweet Buckley finally had a visitor, and they didn’t stop by just once, but twice.  A family finally found him and they wanted to take him home.  Finally, Buckley would have a warm bed and good food, and what were the chances they would bring him back.  Slim to none, right? They came in two separate times to visit, two separate times to get to know him and he behaved so well.  He couldn’t wait, and the day finally came, home sweet home…Happy ending right? Wrong.  Turns out Buckley was too big.  Really??!! You didn’t know how big he was when you visited TWO times? 

At first, I just wanted to say wtf? but after thinking about it, if that’s the way they felt, then good.  Thank you for bringing him back because it only means another family will experience the joy of his company and love him like he deserves.

Unfortunately, Buckley is not alone.  The shelter is full of tragic tales and as innocent as they are, these sweet babies pay the price every day.  Like our children, our four-legged friends deserve so much better, so make the choice to make a difference. 

Teach a child, adopt a pet.  If they learn to love young, they love always.

WRITE, CALL OR STOP ON BY!! Your new friends are waiting for you!! (Lake County Animal Shelter, 3011 W. 93rd Avenue, Crown Point, IN  46307; 219/769-7016; or check out the adoptable pets here:


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