A Forever Thank You and a Sad Goodbye

Depending on how many back posts you have read, you may remember the story that kicked off my new obsession/passion for the furry and four-legged.  If not, just to summarize, it started with a picture, this picture…

This is Evelyn, she was the reason we were drawn to the shelter to adopt and she is the reason we met Gustav and Daddy.  Evelyn was the third piece of the puzzle, being Goosey’s mom and Daddy’s partner.  Unfortunately, because we have our Shelby, it was unrealistic to bring her home, but the guilt stayed with us until we knew she found a good home, and she did. 

Yesterday, by chance, I was punched in the gut when I learned that Evie (her new name) had cancer, and apparently, it was bad enough that her new owner had to make a heartbreaking decision.  Sadly, Evie is no longer with us.  When I first read this, it was very difficult for me to believe and thought maybe it was a mistake, but after it sunk in, I was horribly saddened.  Even though we only visited her that one time, she was the reason I had one large baby at my feet and one old man laying behind me. 

I truly believe any amount of happiness was wonderful for her and she was loved by lots even if it was for a short time.  I just wish there was a way for her to know how grateful we are. 



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