What Is So Significant About Schneider, IN?


 If you don’t know their story, you can read it here :http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/lake/article_52120d5e-3754-5f9f-af34-fb39bd4843c4.html, but I have to warn you it’s not pretty.

After a horrific life in a place not even fit for rats, these babies have a second chance.  A chance to know what being a dog really could be, happy, loving and comfortable.  All they need is a family who will be patient, kind and give them the time they need to adjust to a new/different life. 

As a result of the bust, Lake County took in seventeen and have worked with each of them to socialize them with people, 10 remain.  If you’re looking for a new family member and want to make a real difference, any of these wonderful, misunderstood babies would be perfect.  

If I’m not mistaken, most, if not all, are Australian Shepard/Collie mixes and just by the breeds alone it is known that they are highly trainable.  Australian Shepard‘s are excellent sporting dogs (frisbee, flyball, etc.) and Collies are great show dogs, mix ’em together and smart is not the word to describe the combination. 

All these guys need is a little trust, a little time, a lot of love and the opportunity to show you what they can do.  If you’re in the area and want to see a survivor, head to Lake County Animal Control, ask to see a Schneider dog, you will not be disappointed.

Listed in the order that they appear: Delta, Angel (Stella not pictured), Graham, RCA, Rock, Sam Jackson (front) and Daisy (back).


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