Going Green With Your Dog!

Tomorrow is Earth day and what better way to celebrate then to Go Green!  So how do you transform you and your dog‘s relationship to be more environmentally friendly?  The following are just a few doggy tips to make the simple transition from waste-happy to Earth-happy.

1.   Recycle.   This one is my favorite, because it really is the easiest. Are your drawers full of holy socks, nasty t-shirts, or old rags that you were planning on throwing away? Don’t.  Dogs love them, just tie knots.  I know my Goosey loves to pick up my socks, shoes, towels, shirts, pants, well I can go on and on, but taking old ones and making them his takes away from the rebelliousness of the act–maybe ;). 

If you have already donated your old towels to the shelter and your socks are pristine, don’t panic, the stores (picture provided by http://www.westpawdesign.com) are now carrying green toys made with hemp, bamboo, chemical-free rubber, reclaimed cotton and all-natural vegetable dyes, which brings me to No. 2.

2.     Walk.  Another simple solution. Walk to the pet store for your recycled toys.  Running errands, taking the kids to the park or a day at the beach, can be a great way to spend time with your pet, get some exercise for yourself and Fido AND reduce the pollution in the air.  See, simple.

3.   Biodegradable, please.  I don’t know about you, but when Daddy walks, he poops.  We never leave home without a picker-upper, and its usually a plastic bag.  Now its time to rethink that, because plastic bags can take decades to decompose.  Thankfully, they now have biodegradable recycled bags just for the Daddys out there that just can’t help themselves.  Sold all over, pick some up and the Earth will thank you. 

4.     Fashionable and Friendly.  For those that dress their dogs, Molly, believe it or not (believe it) the doggy fashion industry is beginning to go all natural.  Using alternative fibers, such as soy, hemp, bamboo, corn fiber or recycled plastic bottles (oh yes, I said it, see there is a reason to recycle your plastic bottles) they have developed clothing fit for your earth conscious dog.  You can still dress your canine to the “nines” without clashing with their leash and collar. 

Speaking of leash and collar, by using the same products as above, the pet industry has also developed earth-friendly accessories to go with their very fashionable outfits. (Picture provided by (http://www.anniessweatshop.com).  So get Dduger to the runway in his new diggs, we can’t wait to see what he’s wearing next!!

and last (just for this post) but absolutely not least… 

5.   Organic meals.  I’m not really sure how I stand on the homemade dog food quite yet, but pet stores all over are filling their shelves with certified organic pet foods.  If you’re looking for all natural or at least close, make sure you talk to your vet about the pros and the cons specifically to your dog and what you get is approved by the USDA.  Also make sure your furry friend likes it, just because you want organic doesn’t mean it’s the best for him, but changing their diet to one with less chemical make-up can’t hurt. 

The above tips are only a shade of what can be done to go green, but its a start.   There are plenty of books and websites with enormous amounts of information and ideas.  If going to the extreme is not your cup of tea, maybe a small change can help to make a big change in the future.  GOOD LUCK and Happy Earth Day!!

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