The Beautiful but Dangerous…Dog Friendly & Unfriendly Plants

Well its time, April is here and bringing on some crazy weather.  I know I’m not the only one who can’t wait for Spring to really show her beauty, and after this very long winter I’m itching to get outside and plant some flowers, but head warning.  Before you pick the color scheme and plat out what is going where, please make sure they are dog-friendly (especially to dogs who like to chew).

I thought since it’s that time of year, a good reminder/post would be to simply state the good and the bad for the garden or even in your home.    I have to say until I read more about this subject I was somewhat dense about the possibility of regular household plants or garden flowers being poisonous to my dogs.  It was almost shocking to read that sweet daisies can cause labored breathing or even coma if ingested, so I thought I would share some of what I learned.  I also thought  I’d make it simple:


Anthurium, arum, caladium, calla lily, Chinese evergreen, dieffenbachia and philodendronThese can cause swelling and irritation and can lead to asphyxiation, drooling, vomiting and difficulty swallowing.

Chrysanthemums, cyclaen, daisies (ALTHOUGH AFRICAN DAISIES ARE OKAY), English ivy, Japanese yew, lantana and umbrella treeThese can cause vomiting, airway constriction, labored breathing and coma.

Bleeding heart, boxwood, crocus, daffodil, datura, delphinium, European bittersweet, hyacinth, mandrake, nightshade (including the leaves and stems of potato and tomato plants), periwinkle and yarrow–These can cause confusion, tremors, agitation and seizure. 

Also, the holiday favorite… Poinsettias.

 *These are only a few of the possible plants that can be dangerous to your pet, and please understand,  a combination of different types, and consumption of large amounts of any plant can be dangerous.  Please consult your vet if you have concerns or ASPCA‘s Poison Control.

 Now for better news…


Orchids, which are eatable!!

 Begonias, daylillies, snap dragons, verbena, roses, sunflowers and zinias. 

And to deter from backyard digging!!–Honeysuckle

*Again these are only a few of the “good” and many more can be found on the ASPCA website. 

To summarize, please do the research before planting, or adopting greenery (especially if you have a new puppy or a dog with the habit of eating everything!) and HAVE A WONDERFUL, SAFE AND HEALTHY SPRING!!  I can’t wait…


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