NUMBER SEVEN (7) Taught by Goosey

No. 7……..Dogs Really Can Find Their Way Home.  When I take Goose for a walk around our block I truly never thought his knowledge of the neighborhood would make such an impact. 

Why it happened, how it happened and when exactly it happened will forever be a mystery, but one afternoon, Gustav took to the street.  I’m not sure if it was a car, a squirrel or one of the teenagers he’s not very fond of, but for some reason Goose broke out of our back yard and took off.                                                               (WHO ME??!!!)

Being that he is super fast, is afraid of people until he’s formally introduced and got out the back which leads to a very busy road and is unfamiliar territory, this was a mini-heart attack moment.  However, he restored my faith in his Lassie mentality.  After 45 minutes of driving around the neighborhood and one last glance around the surrounding neighbors, it was time to try another approach until low n’ behold, pulling up to the house THERE HE WAS.  Somehow he traveled all the way around the neighborhood (which is not a simple feat) and had found his way home.  Standing in the middle of the street two houses away from where he lived, scared but familiar he knew he was close.  After a little calming and coaxing he recognized family and it was instant excitement.  It was almost as if he yelled out YES!!! and then jumped in the car. 

I truly believe he is one intelligent dog, but I also think our walks not only released his energy, but also contributed to his triumphant navigation home.


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