Teachings of the Goose 5 & 6

NO. 5………Dogs can be Rebellious:  Acting out for attention is one of Goose’s favorite games.  When you tell him “no” for nipping or jumping,or you’re  just not paying him the attention he wants, he will nonchalantly (lalala) walk by and snatch your sock, shoe, the blanket from the bed or anything of yours and prance around the room with his head down, circling and looking up at you the entire time, thinking “Look at What I Can Do, Look at What I Can Do”.

NO. 6………Dogs Do Not Discriminate when it Comes to Food, Drink and Love.  Scraps of anything the kids leave behind are a super surprise and fair game, bath water is just as drinkable as the stuff in the bowl, and it does not matter who he gets to notice him first as he flops on his back to entice you to give him a good belly rub.


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