Lake County Animal Shelter At Capacity!!!!

Lake County Animal Shelter is special to me for many reasons.  The obvious, of course, is the new family members that share my fridge, my couch, my home, and my heart.  Without Lake County I wouldn’t have these special boys in my life.  To be honest, until their story was in the paper I was unaware Lake County was a shelter where adoption was an option.  I was ignorant to the fact that not only did they house precious furry friends, but they are also a no-kill shelter that provides vetting.  The employees and volunteers at Lake County do all they can to give love, food and hope for the abandoned, neglected and hopeless and they do so until the ones they save find their forever home. 

Unfortunately, although their hearts are golden and passion is true, they only have so much room.  The only way to help more of the innocent in need is to find homes for the ones who are rehabilitated enough to join a family. 

Please help get the word out, because as of right now, Lake County is at its capacity.  You can check out their adoptable pets at, or explore this website, there are some sweethearts just a few pages back.  If you, a friend or family member see someone you can’t stop thinking about contact Victoria at

If adoption is not something you are able to do, tell a friend, send an email or consider fostering.  Fostering can free up the space, let Lake County continue to do what they do best and still allow the possibility for forever adoption.  A small step can change a life–it may even be yours.



  1. I’m not sure how much of my back posts you read but if you have a face book look up PetPardons, I think you will fit right in with us and what were doing. Thank you!! ( Love the pictures btw very adorable =)

    • Thank you! I do have facebook and I will look you up, thanks for reading!

    • I am sharing PetPardon with everyone I know. Thank You.

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