Goosey Lesson No. 3 & 4

NO. 3……..Don’t Ever, Ever, Ever, Expect to Go to the Bathroom Alone Again.  This one speaks for itself. (Anyone who has a Shepard or a dog for that matter can relate to this one!)  I promise them I will not sneak out the window but I don’t think they believe me.

 NO.4…….Dogs are Not Above Brown-nosing.  Every night, without question, Goose is the first one sitting for his bedtime snack (I think he even glances at the other two, with a snotty grin), and when I ask for paw, I usually get about five in a row, sometimes even alternating right and left. (He’s an overachiever!!)



  1. hahahahha I can so relate to no.3
    I have a cocker spaniel and he follows me every where. When I open the door to leave, he wags his tail with much excitement as if to say, “Hey! you came back!”

    • Lol, so funny how easy it is to surprise them!

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