Goosey Lesson No. 2….


Having a fenced yard, we never really worry about the dogs getting out…unless, Shelby pulls one of her Houdini acts.  If Shelby sees a dog all she wants to do is play and she will do anything to get to them which includes sliding herself under the chain linked fence.  We learned of her “special” talent the hard way at my parents’ house, but never had a problem in our yard, that is, until she surprised herself and Gustav one day.  She slid over to the neighbor’s house one afternoon and Goose about LOST HIS SHIT!  He barked and barked at her and then pulled a Lassie and came bounding to the porch barking and running back and forth from the yard to the porch, yard to porch until we came out to the yard so we could freak out too and GET HER HOME.  I mean, I’ve heard of these stories, but to see him in action- tteellllinn’ on her gave me the biggest laugh.




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