PART II- Life Lessons Written by GOOSE

Part II of my story is somewhat different from the first, but no matter how polar opposite Gustav and his dad are in features, personality and temperament they both have brought and continue to bring the same dramatic impact, love and change in our lives. 

For me, Gustav a/k/a Goose a/k/a Goosey came to us by fate of timing.  After deciding to meet Evelyn (“Mom”) we walked into the shelter that day and the first sweetheart I saw sitting in the lobby was none other than Mr. Goose.  Needless to say, it was love at first sight.  The pain, the sadness and the desire to be loved shot straight to my heart, and somehow I knew that dog was coming home with me.  Ironically, I had no idea he was one of the EC 3.  It had to have been his innocent child-like eyes.  Although I say “innocent” that specific word description really was only appropriate at the time, because little did I know, in the background you could faintly hear “MMMWWWAHAHA…sucker”.   😉

 As time goes by, it becomes more and more obvious that Goose was the most affected by the abuse and neglect all three of them endured.  In his short time on earth he has starved, overheated, was flea-bitten and physically/mentally injured.  As a result, Goose has some trust issues which we are working to conquer, and he truly is starting to come around.  Now, if only we could curb the ATTENTION issues!! He has to have it AAALLLL the time and if he doesn’t get it, he will push, pull and tug his way into the spotlight.   

 There is no doubt that Goose is a handful, he is the rebellious teenager of the household.  At times he needs forgiveness (and a few deep breaths) and he is high maintenance, attention whoring, a food/toy hog, but he is also THE sweetest, funniest, clumsiest and most loving dog. My heart still melts when he gives me his puppy dog face.   Like the other two, life would just be incomplete without so many of his little quirks and antics that make me smile every single day.

 And not only does he make me laugh and pull my hair at the same time, one of the coolest things in trying to train/teach Gustav, is that he has taught me more than I ever thought I needed to know.  The following story along with future posts are the top ten Goosey Lessons on life, laughter and OMG moments:

 NO.  1………Size Just Does NOT Matter.  At about 80 lbs and as tall as me (5’11”) stretched out, he will try, and at times succeed, to:  

 Sit on/in your lap;

Squeeze his big butt between you and the computer, or any other dog/child getting attention;  

Curl up on the foot stool and really not care he’s blocking the TV with his head;

Drive the car (true story);

Give high fives to your face with his massive paws;

Fall asleep in his favorite papazon chair; and

Give you a bath with his big kisses (whether or not you are prepared or expecting it.


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