We Interrupt these Tales…

I was writing about another friend when I jumped on Facebook just to see what was going on.† To my dismay, an issue of concern has been voiced in the adoption†scene.† Its one that needs to be addressed probably over and over again†in order†to†remind people that†adopting a pet is not something you do for show.† It’s a real responsibility.

I’m not sure where the delusion of “if their cute, they’ll take care of themselves” came about, but DDUUUHH, seriously? †The cute (along with the unique, different, big, little, skinny and†shy)†puppies/dogs are living, breathing, eating, sleeping, playing, fun,†loving and sometimes obnoxious little children too.† It is a responsiblity, I’ll repeat, it is a responsiblity.†

When you bring home a new addition no matter where you get them from, either by adoption, rescue, breeder, pet store, ebay†or craigslist†it’s not just about being the “cool” parent who gave their kid a puppy, or the owner that has that beautiful dog,†YOU are their caregiver.† And to be a caregiver it takes money, time, patience and work.† If you don’t have AALLL of those things/qualities, please don’t tease them with a home, especially the lost, forgotten or hurt, they have already been through enough.

There’s no shame in saying you can’t and believe me the people who see them go, just to see them brought back would rather you say no.¬† It is devastatingly heartbreaking not only for those who do care for them, but for the baby who thought he was forever home.

So PLEASE, before you adopt, make sure you are equipped and prepared to take on the responsibility of a new addition.† Also, coming from first-hand knowledge with Gustav, please go into taking on a rescue with the FULL understanding that it will take time and patience.† What they have been through will never be disclosed and sometimes it just takes earning their trust, which again, takes patience.

Adopting a best friend and taking the time with them is very rewarding, but it’s not for everyone.† I commend those who can do it, whether its via rescue, shelter or in your home,†but to†those who do find themselves in† over their head because of a†poor, thoughtless decision,†and now feel the need to surrender†their new friend for selfish†reasons like laziness,†first off, shame on you, but second,†THANK U.† Thank you†for not dumping, hurting or abandoning them, they†do deserve a home, even if it’s not yours.


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