Loookkk at that face!! Grant is a Chow mix and one funny guy.  The face is definitely only a glimpse into his personality.  He reminded me so much of our Daddy that I had put him on the Adopt Me page awhile back, and I was lucky enough to have the chance to walk him Saturday. 

Unlike Rock, Grant is not shy at all, he’s a leader and if you let him he’ll lead you all over the yard bouncing around with a smile on his face.  He literally smiles 🙂   He’s such a happy boy, can’t wait for treats and knows basic commands.  He seems to love people as well and wasn’t bothered by the dogs at all.  He does respond to snaps and will pay attention if he hears it.  You can tell just from a short time he has his own unique personality and if you let him into your heart and home I’m sure that smile would brighten your day, everyday.


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