I have to say the names they come up with over at Lake County make me smile, but don’t let a name fool you, because Rock is one sweet baby.    A unique and beautiful Australian Shepard and Collie Mix, this doll face is expectedly timid and shy at first, because Rock was one of the poor victims of the Schneider “incident”.   He is still healing from the neglect, but Daddy’s fluffy butt and new tail are evidence that recovery is very possible (and quick) if given the “good stuff” – shelter, love and affection like he’s never known.  He may need some socialization, but its nothing that cannot be overcome with just a tad of patience (we also learned this first hand with ! Gustav).    When Rock and I started our walk, he wasn’t quite sure, but it truly only took some praise and a happy voice to get him to calm down and start to check out his surroundings.  Just giving him a little time to adjust to each new situation, little by little you could see there is confidence in him, and showed no signs of any aggression.  In fact, we sat for a while and he warmed up a whole lot sooner than expected.  I am also told he is great with the other dogs and I’ve always said two’s better than one, or in my case 3 😉

Smart by breed, sweet by nature, with a loving, patient hand, a soft bed, a little trust and a fenced yard he could make a great addition and loyal friend.


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