I Hate to Be Right.

Ironically, following my previous rant, I found out yesterday the fate of the person who left our boys to die.  It was disheartening, because as angry as I was ,a part of me could not be, the outcome was no surprise. Actually, it was exactly what I had expected, but it still stings. 6 counts of animal cruelty, 6 counts!, and the plea submitted was the same as if it would have been a traffic violation.

“Deferred Prosecution”, which is used for speeding tickets all time, is a program you can enter into by paying a fee. Then if you don’t get charged with another crime like the one you are in trouble for after a period of time they DISMISS all charges.  Like it never happened. 

One year Deferred Prosecution was the deal.  So basically, rolling through a stop sign and cruelty to animals seem to fall in the same category of severity.  Sad.


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  1. Carri

    ….and sick

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