I’ve had ENOUGH.  Those who read this blog know we recently brought two beautiful rescue pooches (Daddy and Gustav) into our home changing their lives, and at the same time transforming our own.  What you may not know, is how grave their background story really was, and how it continues on to this day. 

 To give you an idea why I’m so upset…pretend for a moment:

 Pretend you had a family, one you believed really cared about you, one that would feed you and walk you, pet you and sometimes love you.  Pretend that you spent most of your ten plus years with these people.  You grew up with them, they found you a mate and you had a son.  Then pretend one day after weeks of turmoil, weeks of yelling, you woke up, and all that you knew was gone.  The windows were shut, the doors were closed and it was so hot you could barely breathe.  Pretend that not only was your human family missing, but the dog family you loved was nowhere to be seen either.  You could hear them calling for you from outside, but you couldn’t get to them, you tried everything, you clawed at the floor, you scratched at the door, but no one came, no one let you out to be with your loved ones.  Then after a while you were hungry and thirsty, you searched room after room, frantically trying to find something to lap up or to eat.  Then after a while you had to defecate where you were taught not to.  Whatever garbage was left no longer satisfied your hunger, the toilet water was depleted to nothing.  The fleas began to eat at your skin and nothing soothed the itching.  The will to keep going in the extreme heat of a boarded up house, after two weeks of no contact with anyone or anything, was fading fast.  At the beginning, giving up was not an option, but soon it was no longer a choice.  There you are in a place you used to feel safe, laying in the middle of the floor, hopeless, starving and in intense pain.  You place your head on the floor and sigh, all the while still missing that family you truly believe loves you.  What a horrible, but real scene.  Now call yourself Daddy.

 Not enough?  Now pretend again for a moment you had the same family, although you remember things a little differently.  You were a kid and you loved to play, run and jump, but your family would get so upset with you for acting like a child.  You didn’t know were doing anything wrong, but they would still yell and hit you so much that all you understood was pain and to be afraid that it would happen again.  Through all that though, pretend that it was ok with you, you could live with it, and you still craved their love, because at least when they did yell and hit they noticed you were there.  Now pretend waking up one day to being dragged out to the yard with your dog mom, yelled at some more and left there, thinking and believing the whole time your “family” would be back, because they always came back.  Pretend that the day went on and it just got so hot that  breathing in seemed to dry out your insides.  And now even after the sun began to go down, your “family” was still not back.  You began to bark, run the small fenced yard, jump at whoever passed by, as if to say, “My people are missing, my people are missing, help me find my people”!! Then at one point when you were at your most frantic something stabs you right in the chest.  You cry out in pain as your dog mom tries to comfort and console you.  She cleans you, but needs to find food and water for both of you now.  The fleas start to bury themselves under your skin and the itching is so unbearable that the pain in your chest subsides.  Pretend now that after FOURTEEN DAYS all you can do is lay down because you are too weak to eat, too weak to drink and you can no longer call out.  But, even now, you are still wondering where your “family” may be and even now, you still miss them.  Pretty horrible.  Now call yourself Gustav.

Now, pretend for a moment, that the rescue of the above dog family was one that made the local news, politically driven and supposedly made as an example of how this type of behavior was not going to be tolerated.  Pretend you have the community in an uproar about how these babies needed to be saved and taken care of, but apparently only when it was a story.  Pretend you found the “culprit” of these horrendous acts of cruelty.  Pretend that you charge the culprit with the most you can, which is a little more than a slap on the wrist.  Pretend that the matter gets set for hearing and somehow this culprit who “was in a bad situation” skates by without a court hearing for almost 9 months, because now all of a sudden there are “more important” things to worry about.  Something that happened in August has now been dragged out until March, and there is still no consequence for the unacceptable behavior toward these three INNOCENT dogs.  Now pretend that the charges get cut down to what you may get for speeding and all this person has to do is not commit another crime “like” it for 12 months, and it will be cleaned from thier record forever.  Pretty crazy? I think so, but you can call yourself the legal system.

 Still not ENOUGH, how about pretending you’re a society that allows a convicted felon of animal cruelty who served 2 years in PRISON, play in the NFL.  Or, allows a women who has a condemnable home live in her car because she is hoarding dogs, both dead and alive.   She lived there in that manner so long for that matter, that the trauma these poor animals endured is almost unfixable, and the house needs to be knocked down.  Why? Because even after complaints were made it still wasn’t important enough. 

Or, if not for the non-action for those caught, what about the uncaught and how about the innocent victims?  For example, the puppies being tossed out of car windows, or left on street corners, or tied to fences or trees or train tracks, left for dead, and how about the thousands and thousands of stories never to be heard or only to be forgotten. 

When is it that the most INNOCENT of all will finally get the justice they deserve.  Between our children and our animals we are failing miserably and I for one have HAD ENOUGH.  Step up.  My god if we can’t take care of the ones who solely count on us and love us unconditionally, what are we doing?  When are the innocent going be important enough?  When is it going to matter?  When does talk and the hype end and the action finally begin? 

 Don’t wait until you think it’s important,  its important now, because you may never get a second chance to make a difference.  Step Up! Or at the very least, thank the people who do:  the teachers, the rescues, the social workers, the shelter employees, the ones who fight the fight every day. 

 Join them, and report abuse, adopt a rescue, fight for stricter laws for crimes against the innocent (all innocence), teach, love, respect and just DO THE RIGHT THING.  Don’t be a bystander and complain, get active and do something.  If we don’t, we have no right to ridicule, cry, whine or pretend, and we have nobody to blame but ourselves.  It’s time for us all to say what people who see it and live it are saying—I’VE HAD ENOUGH!!



  1. Christine

    VERY, VERY GOOD! I am passing this along. It’s time to take a stand, FOR ALL INNOCENCE!

    • Thank you and Amen to that, baby steps are the first steps!!

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