Tail Tip of the Week

Ok, so I’m on my way to complete control….hahaha! NOT, but it is getting so much better.  Goose’s training is coming along really well with consistency, consistency.  He is walking like a champ, even with distractions, and he now sits each time he goes in and out of the house (without a treat!!).  We still have work to do, but I’m very proud of him and his potential is extraordinary.          (The face of Innocence)

Now for Tip of the Week.  As important as training is, your companion’s health is even more of a priority.  When we brought in the boys, the thoughts of what they went through was and is incomprehensible, but their spirits were so high.  However, their coats looked grungy and dull, and on top of the scruffy, coarse coat, the effects of the massive amount of flea bites (especially for Goose) were still very much an issue.  It was so bad at night that he would wake up the house with his itchy & scratchy show, and poor Daddy’s tail was almost hairless and he had two big spots on his rear we never thought would grow back. 

Not knowing where to turn or how to help, we started with a bath and then tried out a suggestion from one of the girls at the shelter:  Fish Oil.  Wow, who knew?  At first I didn’t realize they actually made fish oil for dogs and wasn’t exactly comfortable giving them people stuff, but while browsing the vitamin section of the pet store one day, I came upon gel capsules with a minty flavor!  The instructions were to give them two a day either whole or squeezed into their food.  I thought I’d give it a try.

Well, I learned quickly with Gustav that the capsule whole was more of a toy for him to play with instead of eat, which would humorously irritate him when the shell melted just enough to stick to his tongue.  I couldn’t continue to torment him for entertainment,  so instead, I cut a hole in 2 capsules a day, and squeezed it over his food.  By week two you could already notice the difference. 

Of course, the food he was eating and environment he was in were contributing factors to his new healthy “look” and lifestyle, but the scratching had subsided and his coat is so pretty that everyone who meets him comments on how handsome he is.  I do believe the fish oil had something to do with it.   I tested my theory on Daddy, and the outcome did not disappoint.  After 3 weeks Daddy has a full tail and the patches we never thought would grow back are covered with a full butt of fur! 

Give it a try and let me know what you think.  I’m sure any pet store carries a brand of fish oil for dogs.  Unfortunately, the original minty flavored brand (which did help with the doggy breath) has since been discontinued, so I now use GNC Mega Fish Oil Advantage for dogs which can be found at any PetSmart

Thanks to good food, a soft bed, a lot of love and fish oil everyday, Gustav now has the blackest, sleekest, softest coat and Daddy’s furriness is fuller, softer and healthier.  Now if I can only keep up on the vacuuming 😉


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