Tail Tip of the Week

I admit, my journey with my new expanded family has just begun, but I have already learned a few things along the way, and would love to share my thoughts, tips and funnies (either to avoid or embrace).

Gustav is our teenager, and unlike real teenagers, sleeping until 2:00 in the afternoon is NOT his way of dealing with his immaturity.  Jumping, licking and freeeeaking out is more his type of rebellion, and because he is so hyper, I never in million years thought I would be able to settle him down, let alone get him to sit and wait for me to say its ok to come in/out of the house.

I have learned that the experts are not joking, or faking you out, when they say consistency, consistency, consistency.  Its like magic, if you stick to it. 

Goose is naturally smart and it only takes a few minutes for him to actually catch on to a command, especially if there is a scooby waiting for him, but he has the attention span of a gnat.  I have to calmly stop and make him stay every time I opened the slider otherwise he ffuurgetts and goes barreling outside like a maniac.  I feel like I have some control and it truly makes a huge difference in the behavior of all three dogs if he walks out, instead of stampeding, which is why I do my best not to get lazy about it. 

So for my tip of the week, I say practice consistency, consistency, consistency and alot of patience.  Patience is key to the consistency and not to mention your calmness 😉   Me and Goose are slowing getting to the point where I don’t even have to ask.  When I get to the door in the morning, he sits in his favorite spot and waits until I say “ok, come on”.  Not to say we’re perfect (far, far from it), but we’ve come a looong way (in only a month) from him knocking me over, pushing his way between my legs and jumping over the two elders in the house.  He still has a lot to learn, but I have no doubt we’ll get there 🙂


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