We Call Him Daddy

Our second new addition comes to us by circumstance.  The amazing circumstance goes hand in hand with the story of Goose, because Daddy is Goose’s real daddy.  Originally renamed at the shelter, Hanz, which was cute and German, but ultimately changed due to the fact that the girls who took this family in had found it difficult not to address them as Momma, Daddy and Baby.  Baby being Goose and of course, daddy being Daddy!

Again, we went with our instincts and the name Daddy just stuck.  However, he does have a few nicknames which include,but are not limited to:  Vanilla feet, old man, big daddy and sweet boy.  Just like Goose and Evelyn, Daddy was left behind, but his story is a little different than the others.  As hard as it may be to imagine mamma and baby stuck outside in the heat with no water or food, Daddy had it even harder.  He was all alone inside the abandoned, boarded up home with no contact with his family or anyone for that matter.  What he ate, nobody knows, what he drank, we can’t even think about, and how he survived is a question only God can answer. 

 (See my brown feet dipped in Vanilla)

As bad of shape as the other two were, Daddy was knocking on death’s door when he was finally found by the officer who answered the call from the surrounding community to check on these poor babies.  

How Daddy came to brighten our lives…

As I said in Goose’s story, our original intention was to adopt Momma, but because we had a dominant female home already, the better match for us was to bring home the boys. Falling in love the moment Goose licked my kids’ faces was the first step of expanding the fam, but after taking baby, leaving his parents at the shelter was probably one of the most difficult things we had ever done.  We thought of Daddy all the time.  Because he was older, we knew his chance of adoption may be slim, and it nagged at us for weeks, and after thinking, discussing and mulling, one day we just couldn’t take it anymore and folded. 

We called up the girls at the shelter, and asked if anyone had inquired about Goose’s pops.  They jumped at the chance to tell us all about him, and the only true description they could give was that he was THE coolest dog.  A dog that if we had a fireplace he would just make his home laying in front of it.  Well, we had a fireplace, and after going back and forth with the idea of having three, we finally just said screw it.  I packed up the kids on a Saturday and went to visit.  Needless to say, we did not leave there empty handed.

The girls at the shelter were soo excited to see Daddy go home that one actually cut a conversation short to go inside to witness his reaction.  He was the sweetest boy and just loved the attention, and my daughter (they bonded pretty immediately).  The drive home was not as adventurous as Goose’s, who clicked on the brights, the windshield wipers and who knows what else  because he couldn’t keep still. Daddy, however, LOVED hanging his head out the window, and taking in the freedom and the wind in his hair.

Surprisingly,when we got home, Shelby went into protective mode over Goose, but Daddy just ignored her annoying barks and made his way to his bed.  For the first week, if he wasn’t seen, in my daughter’s room, on his pillow, or in the bed of his choice, but that was only the first week.  He has since perked up a ton and now joins in on every play time and guards his favorite tennis ball to the point of almost teasing the hell out of the other dogs.  Daddy absolutely loves his walks, his treats and, if you can’t find him ( cuz he is sneaky) just say his name and you can hear the beat of his tail through the entire house.   

Shelby has grown to love him and we just adore him.  Daddy is the most loving, sweet, Happy, COOL dog, and having him here has completed the circle.  They were not lying at the shelter, he actually does sleep in front of the fireplace!!


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