So I’ve given it a little bit of time to get to know our first new addition before I wrote about him, but I think its now become overdue.  Let me introduce you to our GOOSE…

Technically, his formal name is Gustav (German Shepard), and honestly, at first, we were going to change his name when he came home, but before he even stepped foot in the house, my little guy, Tyler, would tell us how excited he was to get GOOOOOOSE.  It soon became obvious that it was going to be impossible to explain a name change, and to top it off, when the big black menace did come home, WOW did the name fit.

Goose is his name and insane is his game.  He is explosive, sweet, fun and OBNOXIOUS, but we couldn’t love him any more than we do.  As soon as he entered through the front door, he was caaarraaazy and made himself right at home, and couldn’t BE more comfortable in his new environment.  See, as cute as he was, we were a little concerned, because Gustav is a rescue and has been through more than we can imagine in the little time (we think about a year and half) he’s been on this earth.  Left outside in the blazing heat for 2-3 weeks with no food, water or shelter, he was brought into the shelter horribly skinny and just craving for someone to love him.  He also had a terrible gash in his chest that only stayed clean because his mom, Evelyn (who is under the Adopt Me page) cleaned the sore so no infection set in.

After reading the article in the paper about the 3 shepards left with noone to take care of them, ( their story touched our hearts.  We contimplated adoption for about a week and then couldn’t take it anymore.  The four of use went to visit them at the shelter. Originally, our first thought was to take in Mommy, Evelyn, because she looked so much like our Shelby, who runs our house now, and then I met Goose, and it was love at first sight.

I can write a book just telling you the stories of how he has taken OVER the house to Shelby’s dismay, but for now I thought I’d just share some pictures and follow up  in later posts.   I also will continue to another chapter of our exciting story and soon introduce you to our second addition, Daddy, who so happens to be Goose’s real daddy.

I have to say adopting Gustav and then his daddy has changed our lives and we couldn’t be happier with our extended family.  Its pretty amazing that the love you share with a sweet baby that only knows bad things is unbelievably returned 10 fold, because to give is all they want, considering they never knew love, happy or a home.  Adopt a Pet! It’ll Change Your Life!


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