Garage Sale Baby!

HI! Tell you the story of where I came from…weeell, HMMM, I’ll tell you where I came from, if you can believe it!  My new mom actually “picked me up” at a GARAGE SALE!!  There I was, minding my own business playing with my brother (who, by the way, was definitely not as cute as me) in the front yard of my old mother’s  house (my real mom was single, but I guess she was very friendly with the German next door, but I’m not sure what that means), when the lady came along.

 I never thought she was going to leave my yard, and I wanted to continue my play activity but I just HAD to lick her and jump on her, so she hovered and made these crazy cutesy noises and then when I didn’t expect it….she took me, she just picked me up and carried me away.  I rode in her arms while she walked all the way around the block.  I squirmed the whole time cuz I didn’t know where I was going.  She finally stopped, and before I knew it, there were all these humans touching me and calling me cute and sweet.  After a couple minutes, she started to look at me and say the word “Shelby” (I’m not sure why but after awhile of her saying it oooover and oooover again, (sometimes being me is just exhausting) I thought I’d make her happy by responding whenever she said it and she got sooo excited.  Weird).  Rumor is, its my name and from what I overhear its also a car called a mustang— My thought…I’m a GIRL!! I’m just saying, but whatever. 


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first went to my new home, but I remember the little people would run from me so I could chase them, which was wwwaayy fun.  I also llooooooooovvved to run really fast and then slide under the bed and sleep there.  Apparently, now that I’m older, sliding under things isn’t as cute, even though slipping under the fence to say “hi” to my neighborhood friends is one of my best tricks!! They even started calling me Houdini-not sure why.  Hehe, just cuz I’m big don’t mean nufin’!!


To make a long story short, my name’s Shelby, I guess I’m a Shepard/lab mix, and I really like it when you scratch my belly.  My owner picked me up at a garage sale and I love my family (especially my Grandma and CCAAARRRRIII) so much that its hard for me to stop myself from eating thru the door to find them when they leave.  (They really don’t like that, but I miss them very, very much).


I never did see my brother again after that garage sale, but I have never really been alone.  I have lots of friends and cousins, and my family USED to pay a lot of attention to me when we’re home, but just the other day they brought HIM home.  Apparently, he’s my new brother and MAN is he annoying.  He’s also getting more attention then I’d like and my appreciation level is no longer where it used to be (I do try to tell these humans how I feel about this situation, but when I stare them down they just think its funny and scratch behind my ears).  I do have to admit that I’m happy to go on walks in the morning now, and I’m not as bored when my people are gone during the day.  So I guess, he’s aaaright, but he just better remember I’M NO. 1!!

                                                                                       Lix & Pawz, Shel

P.S. don’t tell the tall one I used her computer…Fanx!!


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